Add slider to Storefront Homepage

Storefront theme is a very useful theme for online shopping stores. Because it is quite simple and it fits with Woocommerce. For this reason, the Storefront theme is quite popular recently.

Step 1: Creating a Slider using Smart Slider 3 plugin

  1. Download & install Smart Slider 3
  2. Go to Dashboard > New Slider
  3. Choose settings you want and push create button
  4. Click on Add Slide and select image from your media library
  5. Write slider image caption
  6. Click on Save & copy the slider shortcode (ex: [smartslider3 slider=1])

Step 2: Adding slider to Storefront Homepage

You have two different options for adding slides to Storefront Homapage.

  1. If you use the Gutenberg editor, it’s so simple. Go to Pages and click your Front Page to edit.
    1. Click “Add Block” and select “Smart Slider”.woocommerce wc marketplace add slider to storefront homepage
    2. If you are using a classic editor, open your home page template with n++ or a different editor. And add the following code below “Main Div”
      1. <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider3 slider=1]'); ?>


If you have a question, please comment! I always want to help.

That’s All!


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