How to remove Vendor Shop Banner?

Each vendor has a shop page if you use the WC Marketplace plugin. This page contains basic information about the seller. Some information on this page may appear unnecessary. One of them is the vendor shop banner image. Now we will learn how to remove this image.

First of all, If you are using the WC Marketplace Plugin and you want to make edits, you must first copy the plugin’s files to your child theme directory. First, create a folder named dc-product-vendor under your child theme directory. Copy WC Marketplace Plugin’s all files into the dc-product-vendor folder, except the templates folder. And then copy templates files into the dc-product-vendor folder. You can now make all edits in the dc-product-vendor folder. This will ensure that the changes you make when the plugin’s master files are updated will not be reset.

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Remove vendor banner image on the Vendor Shop Page (WC Marketplace Plugin)

  1. Go to /your-child-theme/dc-product-vendor/ and open archive_vendor_info.php with note++ or etc editor
  2. Go to line 21 and find the code
                if($banner != ''){
                <img src="<?php echo $banner; ?>" alt="<?php echo $vendor->page_title ?>">
                } else{
                <img src="<?php echo $WCMp->plugin_url . 'assets/images/banner_placeholder.jpg'; ?>" alt="<?php echo $vendor->page_title ?>">


  3. Delete this code or add “<!–” to the beginning and “–>” to the end. So this will remove the vendor banner image from the vendor shop page.

If you have a question, please comment! I always want to help.

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  • Wow… Thanks… it worked perfectly… This is awesome.. the exact script i was looking for. now I have finally removed Vendor Shop Banner from my marketplace. Could you please notify me via mail if you have a guide on how to remove vendor description and add number of products available in vendor shop


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