WC Marketplace multi vendors installation step by step for WordPress

If you have an idea of ​​building a Woocommerce Marketplace Multivendor, you have many options. There are many available plugins.

But i think the best one is WC Marketplace. Let’s do the installation together.

Woocommerce WC Marketplace Multivendor Installation

Go to Plugins > Add New and search “WC Marketplace”. Install and activate WC Marketplace. (Also you can change all the settings later.)


woocommerce wc marketplace install activate

And activation will direct you to WC Marketplace settings. First step is the Store setup, enter the vendro store URL yu want.

woocommerce wc marketplace store setup

Second step is the Commisson Setup. Choose which methods you want: Commission Mode, Type and Value.

woocommerce wc marketplace commission setup


Step 3 is the Payments. Choose which methods you want to get money with.

woocommerce wc marketplace payment setup

Step 4 is the Capability. Choose your own settings. I suggest you mark all options.

woocommerce wc marketplace capability setup

And now you can go to build a vendor registiration form.

woocommerce wc marketplace ready

That’s All!

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