Woocommerce installation step by step for WordPress

If you have an idea of ​​setting up an e-commerce site, you have many options. There are many available systems.

But we’re not sure you’re going to do well. You can be successful or not. We can’t know before you try that. So you should try with the lowest cost, work and time. The best way to do this is WordPress and Woocommerce integration.

Woocommerce Installation

Go to Plugins > Add New and search “woocommerce”. Install and activate Woocommerce.

woocommerce install activate

And activation will direct you to woocommerce settings. First step is the Store setup, enter the correct information. (Also you can change all the settings later.)

woocommerce store setup

Second step is the Payment. Choose which methods you want to get money with.

woocommerce payment setup

Step 3 is the cargo. Choose your own settings

woocommerce shipping setup

Step 4 is the Suggested themes and add-ons. If you don’t have a theme of your own, I suggest you mark them all.

Step 5 is the Activation. In this step you will need to connect with Jetpack. Press the button.

woocommerce jetpack setup

And last step screenshot. Press “Visit Dashboard” button.

woocommerce setup ready

After then the following page will open. Press Let’s Go!

woocommerce storefront create homepage

Welcomme to the Storefront Customization Page. Select the settings you want.

woocommerce storefront theme customization

And now your ecommerce web site is ready.

That’s All!

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